Monday, December 20, 2010

Problem Bloodmoon Max Size

CRAVATTAAAAA - p0rn fest [has something strange]

HARRY POTTER - Regulus Black / Sirius Black, "Go to bed with Lupin?" "Are you jealous? Who of the two? WRITTEN! The truth blood
TVD - Damon / Elena, "So I stayed in the darkness with you [Florence + The Machine] WRITTEN! Darkness is a lie
Katherine / Katherine tie WRITTEN Evolution [God, I'm hot]
TVD - Lexie / Stefan, "I think the modern definition is 'trombamici' " WRITTEN! Just One Night

And four is. Not being my thing, I must say it is a gratifying result that more XD

I know that I'll write one that is not A, but quell'esserino puccioso Annie, aka [info] nemofrommars not resist. And she puts me through putting the tie with a prompt Kat / Kat and I can only love her and hate me for being so weak CAC
Note the other pairs of TVD - OMMAIGAWD - and the old generation stuff in Harry Potter ... No, in fact, are ruined. And I can not write lemon, which makes me think that there's anything wrong with that. xD
DonnaH temptress, is all your fault.


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