Thursday, December 16, 2010

How To Stop Bleeding Roof Of Mouth

Лёд \\ жизнь

you dress skates, get up and down the rink hard and slippery and scary. \\ born.
trying to stand on his feet and slowly go by.
when you go with someone's hand, and then suddenly one or very difficult to go alone.
People go around just so wound circles (years), someone cuts someone, someone falls .. Someone edit virtuosity and quick-and someone, somehow like a cow on ice, and even his knees can not bend.
edish And you and you know that sooner or later you fall, you're afraid of that, try avoided, but still it happens. At this point, most importantly, a friend was nearby and gave her hand, helped to get up and go further.
Many people at the rink, and when someone with him gone, because the time has come, almost no one noticed it.
And go around the edges, the middle of the skate units and in the middle of no Nakatani koli as at the edges, but the ice is uneven.
And when you leave the rink, it's very difficult to go because he was already accustomed to the difficult but the rapid movement, and now you like a ghost ...


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