Monday, December 20, 2010

How Scorpio Man Flirt

Linken Week

Good afternoon, damsels!
As you know, I usually shop meme, but today, for a change, you store a nice thing, and where fans pucciosa LinkAllen much needed, especially in light of spoiler * knows * who knows
[info] xshade_shinra contacted me in this glorious day and I did notice that when they are born the week devoted to pairing, usually take into account birthdays, if they are nearby. Well, birthdays Link Howard and Allen Walker are close enough to create a WEEK dedicated to them and have fun when taaaante post fanfictions, fanarts, fanmix, icons, walls, blends, whatever you want.
The Week will begin on December 25 and ends December 29. Birthdays respectively Allen [the day he was found by Mana, short] and links. I know that this is a full period, which runs here and there to make gifts, filling their bellies, being with friends, but take a little thought for these Tatini if you like. Even a tiny drabble or un'iconcina beat enough = D
addition, on December 27, as is the day midway between the two birthdays, is officially called the Day Linken Therefore, only one who can post fanfiction or anything else can do that day. It would be nice and fluffoso. Timcampy It would give you a pat with the wings designed for the couple. Or do you pass under the table pictures and incriminating records U_U
Well, no one forces you, but if you wish you had all welcome. Rejoice for the adorable banner Linken and see that Shade has created for us [the images do not belong to us and we do not claim any right. As soon as you find the Shade to credit the authors will provide fanart]

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linken day


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