Monday, December 20, 2010

Eddy Van Halen Still Smokes


noticed how I have gradually come those qualities that I most deplore in people and did not want to admit to himself.
I'm turning into such a mechanism, like everyone else.
Those feelings that I had not know how to kill, now destroyed by the killer coolly professional: no evidence quickly, expertly, without batting an eye.
I do not want to get into the meat grinder dependencies and unnecessary desires, which we stubbornly impose. I do not want to want what I want. I do not want to sacrifice what I love, in order that temporarily necessary.

Job strange. Little experience, goals and simple and easy, just a design posters. And how many of the nerves away. This work is suddenly taken more space in my life than I wanted. And I always want everything: to work and learn, and learn 3 languages at the same time, to paint, learn better 3d max, take pictures, meet friends, walk in the woods and ice rink, play chess, oh forgot, you still))
And time enough for the first two.


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