Friday, December 17, 2010

Engagement Day Wishes

Santa Claus is coming to LJ foooooooor ... Announcement

... [info] hikaruryu
For quest'adorabile girl Santa Clause made a fanmix dedicated to his sisperabellissimo sicuramentebellissima fanfiction James Sirius / Teddy "Everything". Santa read his letter and has worked hard to achieve at least a wish. So here it is!

Double personality aside, I really hope that my choice of music you enjoy. The cover has been made with Paint, then punishment enough, but I could not put somewhere a blue teddy bear. Or do things like write fluffose JamesxTeddy inside a heart. XD Forgive me O love me. [Cutt that deforms the page]


With better visibility, here is a list of songs with their respective links:

Come Fly With Me [ But you see those two crazy about Harley streaking across the skies *____*]
Your arms feel like home [Via the fluff]
Goodnight Is Not The End [I see myself with this song too Teddy kissing James well at the end of the first appointment **]
Just say yes [This is apparently the mental tuuuuuutte Teddy \u0026lt;3] Be the one
[E 'love \u0026lt;3]
You raise me up [in this we put a little 'Harry and love in the family]
Right before your eyes [here I see James that grows and changes, mature, and that if Teddy looks at him with so much ammmore **]
I've Got You Under My Skin [else seems dedicated to mental Teddy. A mica enough XD]
Everything [Another song with the same title of the fic I had to find it.]
Underneath the stars [the title would be enough just to understand what a scene speak **]
Straight to number one [Hehe, I had to put the lemon bonus XD Just because I've done with that scene out lol]

Merry Christmas, darling. Jeddy produces many readers hungry for us!


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