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Welcome Messege For Wedding

L and Allen Walker in the same room ... * Lol *

First of all: Happy Birthday to [info] babycin
I know, we do not know almost nothing, but at least I have him for all the wonderful community that created * O * Congratulations, dear \u0026lt;3 Unfortunately I do not have photoshop - or rather, I did-otherwise I would have created a banner greeting with Sam Winchester in all its beauty * O * It will be for next year xD Then

. I pilfered - again! - A meme to [info] sushi_precotto and I could not resist. E 'crazy, I warn you XD

1.Hermione Granger

2. Jacob Black

3. Edward Elric

4. Orihime Inoue

5. L

6. Akito Hayama

7. Allen Walker

8. Alexiel

9. Rima Touya

10. Temari

11. Katherine Pierce

12. Brian Kinney

13. Morgana

14. Undertaker

15. Castiel

1. If 6 [Akito] and 7 [ Allen ] will switch roles, what would happen?
Oh gods. Be ', if Allen is in front of the Scirocco Sana suppose that would be polite and smiling as always - that is, after Conte, Road, Cross, Tyki and company do not think Allen would collapse in front of a
simple fourteen. And then I see him addressing Mrs. Kurata XD

And if you end up in DGM Akito ... Be ', instead of the head of the principal, to take punches to Komu, and so far we are. Then Jerry asks the sushi and wonders how it came to mind with his girlfriend to put on a set like that, expecting to see it appear from under the hat of the Count. Beautiful, eh? XD

2. If a [ Hermione ], 10 [ Temari ] and 15 [ Castiel ] team did, who would be the leader? What would be the name of their group?
But it would be crazy .-. In short, Castiel you politely aside to avoid scratches and insightful comments - and rods, capellini and wool fans flying. Between Hermione and Temari? Let us realize, until those two are stubborn beyond belief, Hermione does not want to know to get second and even Temari. Or merge or tear the shirt as Castiel in the episode that lead to safety Adam * O * E dominates at large U_U

3. If 5 [L] is allied with 14 [ Undertaker ] to address 9 [ Rima ] and 11 [ Katherine ] who would win?
Oh, What a coincidence ... A genius and a Shinigami objected against two opposing vampire. They are feminist women do win. Why do you bribe with chocolate sticks Rima - impossible, but it would be one scene priceless XD - Undertaker and you bribe from Katherine: Let me win and I give you all the corpses for quick package you want. And then a laugh worthy of a state funeral. How? I would not know, considering the subject XD

4. Do you think 3 [ Edward Elric ] is cool? More cool to 13 [ Morgana ]?
Morgana U_U Mind you, I love Ed, but as for figaggine can not beat Morgan. Ok, steel legs, blonde hair, golden eyes, alchemy and so on. But Morgana ... ewe. I love this woman since I first read something about the Arthurian legend. Then it goes well ', I also like the BBC version Morgana. Awww, Morgan \u0026lt;3 What then, Fay's my nickname derives from her crazy * love *

5. Describe 8 [ Alexiel ] in one word.
How the hell do you describe Alexiel with a word? Ok, I try.

I would say divine, but I find it trivial. It 'very well for her. Mh.

Epica. Already it sounds better. Yes, Alexiel is epic. And for some reason I'll be inspired to create my own nickname for her absolutely fabulous (?). * Crazy in love ... * again

6. If 12 [ Brian Kinney ] started to go around full of pink dresses with lace, as what they would think him / her know?
Oh. Brian is eccentric, for heaven's sake ... But if you put "frocks" full of pink and lace ... I do not know: he has become passive? XD I mean, the scene in which Justin becomes the active part of the couple, in that famous episode, I literally killed her, but I do not think it could become a constant. That is, Brian dressed that way would seem Emmett an active violent, nasty and perverse at levels unimaginable. And Michael Godzilla and Bambi. XD That is

7. What would be the song of 6 [ Akito ]?
Eccidevopensare. I have it, sure, but I can think of now .-.

8. What pet would be 10 [ Temari ]?
a tiger. But what I love Temari? * O *

9. Some of your friends like a [ Hermione ]?
Obviously yes.

10. 2 [ Jacob ] and 3 [ Edward Elric ] should agree?
A party who already put the names Jacob and Edward makes me feel close. Pure golden eyes, looks a bit 'XD I do not know if they could get along, if Edward Cullen was able to transform into a marble tower to throw in the first volcano I think so XD

11. 7 [ Allen ] should be on a date with 5 [ L ]?
o_o They are competing to see who eats the most pies Link?

12. 3 [ Edward Elric ] has recently proposed a 4 [Orihime] to have sex. What would 4 [ Orihime ]?
What?! No, sorry, I have to take a little while, the scene is grotesque XD Hime does not have time to react that Edward finds himself a broom stick where he does not want to be part of an angry Tatsuki, Kon, and then applause for daring to be so.

13. 13 [ Morganal ] has just jumped into the arms of 14 [Undertaker]. What would 14 [ Undertaker ]?
took it as a wedding invitation --- funeral, sorry.

14. 15 [ Castiel ] has just embraced 7 [ Allen ], which is immediately transformed into a kitten. How do you react?
If this was the first time is scary XD grotesque Castiel is embracing ... Odd. NekoAllen I would like to see their own, but XD. I just can not imagine the scene, let alone imagine Castiel's reaction.

15. 2 [ Jacob ] and 8 [ Alexiel ] are arguing. Which side will line 9 [ Rima ]?
strategic He cares. He continues to walk undisturbed under its umbrella with Shiki.

16. Someone is trying to kill 11 [ Katherine ]. What would 6 [ Akito ]?
o_o could vaguely groped a karate move, but if someone was really trying to kill Katherine ... well, I doubt a slap in the head could sort it out XD

17. What kind of film 14 [ Undertaker ] would choose to go see the movies?
4 Weddings and a Funeral, which inevitably becomes: four funerals and a wedding.

18. 15 [ Castiel ] would be a vampire or a werewolf?
Well, Castiel is already an angel. But I see more vampire werewolf, if I have to choose.

19. 13 [ Morgana ] would be a ninja or a pirate?

I'd like to see it * _ * Pirate

20. 10 [ Temari ] would help an old lady cross the road?
Yes It is not that Temari is limited to the range and to shake off the Tenten's turn. E 'ages, a kindness that is not all flattery and caresses. E 'ages, Temari. Ok, I digress. But yes, certainly yes.

21. How do you conclude a relationship between a [ Hermione ] and 6 [ Akito ]?
not even begin XD Apart from that Akito is eternally joined with Healthy ... Nah, do not let me so I do not answer certain questions.

22. What would happen if 2 [ Jacob Black ] and 5 [ L ] is is closed in a small room, dark and soundproof?
L will try to count all the hairs of the fur wolfish Jake. And do not make me stupid, please XDDD

23. Between 12 [ Brian Kinney ] and 3 [ Edward Elric ] who has the most character ; evil?
Brian certainly have one more perverse. But they are not evil, they o_o

24. If 2 [ Jacob ] and 4 [ Orihime ] were charged with killing 8 [ Alexiel ], which one would bring to fruition the first operation? How?
Eh ... Jacob would never not do against Alexiel. Hime maybe yes, but would not have the fighting spirit of Alexiel, and then perish in the end. And Alexiel win, you U_U But without killing anyone, because Jake and Hime are two white souls. And how do you kill a girl like Hime COC

25. What if 9 [Rhyme] peck 11 [ Katherine ] in an awkward situation?

type burner doppelgaeger making out with her (Helen)? XD But other than that the scene would like to see ... In my opinion, still sits on the couch to get his affairs.

* Elena and Katherine give us inside *

* Damon and Stefan shoot intravenous doses of Verbena in the meantime *

Rima * opens the door and watches the scene with a frown * neutral

* Katherine strikes Rima and Elena looks gasping, not knowing what to do *

* Rima turns on the TV and starts watching The Big Bang Theory *

26. Someone you know would agree to write / draw something on 12 [ Brian Kinney ] to do you a favor?
Um ... BOH o_o

27. What is the super secret 4 [ Orihime ]?
What is in love with Ichigo. But the idiot does not read the signs, shame on him. And they all understood, even Mayuri, I bet. He did not. But cabbage.

28. If 7 [ Allen ] and 13 [ Morgana ] vied 1 [ Hermione ], who the check?
muahahahahaha XD * rolls * I do not think Allen can move advances to Hermione. Link does not permit him. U_U But Morgana / Hermione I would not mind the check ** Morgana, yeah u_u

29. 5 [ L ] is drunk / a. 14 [Undertaker] and take advantage of? How?
The drunk?! Sugar? ° _ ° Undertaker s'approfitta of the weak / prevent / drunk / anyone in only one way: put them in a coffin and laughs merrily along with Sebastian.

30. If 4 [ Orihime ] oblige three people in this game, who would they be?

But like the whole school and the Soul Society? XD Ok, three names:




All three are very well prepared, then XD


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