Monday, October 18, 2010

New Balance Roller Bar



Because his arm in a cast
Because he has no one thought
Because wag your nerves - the only way for him to continue remain in your heart
Because he is trying something to teach you
Because money on mobile ended or is about to run out
Because he is a something on you offended
Because he forgot about you, and you no longer need him
Because for him someone spying
Because he forgot how to do it because
that he is out of network coverage
Because he is not ideologically close
Because he checks his willpower
Because it laziness
Because hands are busy business
Because he sleeps
Because he forgot to somewhere your mobile phone
Because he in a coma
Because his cell depleted
Because he is unfamiliar with you?
Because I do not want to seem obsessive
Because you are so just seems to be: in fact, he sends them enough
Because he sends them wrong addressee Believing that they come to you
Because he still remembers how you broke him for the last unsuccessful sms-ku
Because he has a case and more serious because
that he believes that now - it's your turn
Because he does not like the way you respond
Because the address book it self-destructed cell
Because he found on the dirt and you have not yet figured out what price in exchange for him wrung
Because on top of your phone number, he recorded a number of other girls with the same name
Because he has a bad mood
Because he is too good mood
Because SMS does not fit what he was going to you say
Because the therapist has been banned
Because he has lapses in memory - he thinks he sent it to you several times already
Because the sound confirmation on the delivered SMS wake his mom or detect its location to the enemy
Because you are close by and send you a SMS as a stupid
Because he does not know that you need
Because he still reads your
Because you too are waiting.


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