Friday, October 29, 2010

33 Weeks Pregnant Sore Tummy


[info] raxilia5running [see? for once it was you XD]
And here my desktop * O *

my desktop

I do not like, usually have a desktop full of icons - they are already so many, in fact, for me XD See the trash, always strictly full of stuff that I forget to permanently delete the folder with the OST Code Geass, I want to always have at hand, the inevitable OpenOffice that, as I blast my nerves every time I open it, it's my salvation. Then there's the widgets Vodafone, because I'm intolerant to mobile phones and, when I'm home, if I use SMS to send him, much faster than that for free, at least for the first 10 sms XD But so much I will send 10 in six months. Again, see Lastfm, now set on Coldplay - no, has changed, there are now Placebo. Pooooi, there is a document of the Harry Potter Warning Contest in which I participate, and since they are still in operation I prefer having just a click away until not conclude all 10 drabble * and I miss 4 * * O * Finally, Adobe Reader, which I use to read eBook different when I can download them without crashing the PC.
other hand, however, there is my virtual notebook, where I sign the deadlines of the contest, I forget on time. More of us would also be required of your meme XD

The image is taken from the manga D. Gray Man I love that group, including Timcampy. They Friendship * O * E goes well ', except in the case of LaviLenalee, which are love, however, unless sudden inspirations which provide AllenLenalee \u0026lt;3 But in the end they veer more toward the fraternal relationship, more ; deep love in a way. But do not touch LaviLenalee U_U For the rest, are all friends and want beeeeene. Note the absolute
pucciosità Tim, who always tries to be the center of spuccia * Tim *
Well, here I explain my desktoppino \u0026lt;3


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