Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Initiation Drinks Ideas

lease area of the heart

In my heart a limited number of places, there are big pieces few, there are small, more of them. And who is busy.
Sometimes a little piece of my heart, people are struggling, not knowing about it.
sometimes must replaced by a new tenant is a worthy area of the heart to expel someone who is not particularly wants to be there.
Every little, every large, each Average bits are responsible for their own. Here's the place for her best friend. That's the same place for a loved one, here's a place for another friend, here is the place for companies to study, Here's the place for another male, that's the place for good friends.
so silly, when such presence is not one, immediately should throw out those who were not even allowed on a small island in his heart, having been in the most picturesque places of thy.
realization comes when a place is someone bright, kind and loving.

Everything is changing rapidly, and some people will not come back to where they once were.

And perhaps, if a person does not put me on a = a significant place in my life, I can hardly put at least some place it.


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