Tuesday, June 22, 2010

When Huntik Season 2 Is Starting

sgolovoynedrugu @ 2010-06-22T23: 03:00

I am here, but it's not me. I flew out from the shock of the window. Unsafe to be в себе. Быть мной запрещено. 
Не разрешать себе сдаваться и не хотеть общаться с безответственностью и эгоизмом- вот главная борьба, которая происходит somewhere out there without me. If
together come-along and go. And not otherwise. Cope without me? even if the conflict is not? Or decay? Or stay? to stay and suffer- I do not want.
I wanted to just-just do something. Do not give. I will not? or going?
Maybe something important from all that I have ever received? But do not lose it?
course lose. People. Friends.
But enemies. The better.
Maybe I really can not be?
not looking for benefits, seeking new and different.
no more meaning or worth the wait?
Do Here's all so simple to break? Break-not to build. Sometimes a builder-he "lomatel. Because it was built not on his project.


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