Sunday, June 6, 2010

Waxing Genital Area Vids

There is something that escapes me, yes ... Something that I can not grasp. I speak up for us, I build a chain of causes, effects, consequences and everything else, but come mid-known that something is missing. Missing links, or rings held together by force, weak and fragile. But for how long I can hold tight fist at that point, where is the truth, I do not know. I do not know if the answer it's there. But there is always something missing, missing, I can not see. I just hope I do not regret dovermene in the end. Too used to sigh against the disappointment already.

Sometimes I wonder if I did not go to the search, the disappointments. But no, I'm not masochistic at this point. I do not try the disappointments, I just try to act like I should, but apparently this does not always go well. And then I feel too too too much that I have around and act accordingly - always bad, then I regret it, because in any case can not be interested in everything around me as if it concerned me. I can not stand-angry about this.
So it always comes at the same point, or act without thinking and in the end gladly beat their heads against the wall, or act as my morality tells me to act, and in this case is the wall that comes from me. I prefer the second because at least I know that this is right. I just have to learn to control myself and look at things with more objectivity. Now we

that missing piece, and I hope it is not as close this story.

Because I do not want to get off to a compromise.



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