Thursday, June 24, 2010

Navman Icn 520 Smartst


must have been my constant cursing or Italy has done really worth it? I mean, I was hoping with all my heart that do not qualify, because fans feel like idiots screaming obsessed as I try to sleep-study-live is not simply to make me rejoice, but almost out of obligation than anything else I've seen the game today - the faces of Buffon are the best - e. .. blech.

The doorman was not there, I think the pass was issued, otherwise I will explain. Cannavaro was the victim and ran to the event. The others I have no idea who they were so I will only say that they sucked. In the end I had a headache as well as I had to watch the game at Tenni Club - What? a happy place where they meet the rich men of the city that have nothing to do from morning to evening if you do not play buraco, smoking, give up their children and enjoy hours of tedium and boredom - and then the screams were something exhausting. Children equipped with horns, adult punching the sofa, wives who are laughing without knowing anything, I try to study that and sorry for Buffon in vain when the frame. Basically a couple of hours and unnecessary noise.

But at least you are not qualified * HAS * to the end and I was the only one with a big grin printed on the lips.

However, a tip of Icon that, miraculously, I managed to create using Paint Shop Pro Photoshop was easier. >.>

Bleach [Cirucco Thunderwitch; GGIO Vega]

Cirucci Thunderwitch 1 Cirucci 2 Cirucci 3 Cirucci 4

ggio vega 1 ggio vega 2

APH [Belarus]



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