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Businessman of Italian osteria

Philosophy Crostini
Journal «Weekend» № 32 (178) on 20.08.2010
/ / Daria Tsivin about the restaurant "Italian"

« Italian »
Kitchen Restaurant Italian" and osteria "We Giuseppe" (which was renamed in honor of the new chief) headed by Giuseppe Todisko, who previously worked in Rome, Palermo, Mexico City, Monte Carlo and Ljubljana. Persona of a new boss deserves special attention - Senor Todisko belongs to a rare breed of chef-intellectuals who not only cook, but profess certain philosophical and gastronomic principles that strictly followed in the kitchen. In addition, Giuseppe Todisko with which any visitor "Italian" can personally meet and talk, the good chef appears regularly in the hall, has an incredibly intelligent appearance - without cooking hood it easily can be mistaken for a professor of some of the oldest European university. In addition, he really enjoys classical music, so seriously, that since 1990, maintains friendly relations with Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras.
for them and for Luciano Pavarotti, with whom he worked Giuseppe Todisko few years, he was the personal menu during the world premiere of "Three Tenors in Rome." With regard to trade preferences, the Italian chef, being still a student at the University of agrikultury in his hometown of Bari (Apulia), studied the characteristics of biocompatibility and combinatorial products. Со временем правильно сбалансированная, "здоровая итальянская кухня" стала для шефа частью его самого. "Я не люблю, например, запах жареного масла или запах flour in a pan. But I cook and I have to cook including a frying pan. I had to examine the processes and draw conclusions. "And explains that frying oil temperature should not exceed 180 ° C, otherwise oil will be toxic. In the precision setting temperature regimes, adjusting the methods of processing and examining the permissible combinations products, Giuseppe began composing dishes. And what is most surprising and enjoyable, it was found that the kitchen Giuseppe Todisko has nothing to do with asceticism separate food and raw food diet. This is a full Italian cuisine, just a scientific approach, whereby after a meal is no weight in the stomach. That's how the menu "Italian" appeared mozzarella di Bufalo with marinated anchovies (580 rub.) soup with smoked potatoes with live oysters (290 rubles)., gazpacho with live scallops on the shell (470 rub.), Risotto with Porcini mushrooms and guinea fowl (530 RUB.), Linguine with cauliflower and botargoy (320 rub.) Impetata of mussels and vongole with tomatoes and white wine (570 rub.) stinketto of lamb in herbs (790 rubles)., easy cheesy Tartini with raspberry puree, passion fruit or mango (250 rubles). and the soup of sweet sparkling wine with fresh berries Brocetto (450 rubles).. More than that! The updated menu, there was a place for such "bad" foods like polenta Crostini with chicken liver, Lardeau of Vale d'Aosta with homemade sausage and confiture of sweet onion (280 rubles)., escalope of foie gras with pears and marsala wine in a puff pastry (480 rubles)., guinea fowl breast stuffed with lobster meat and foie gras, with peperonatoy (580 rubles). and creme brulee with pistachio nuts and fresh berries (390 rubles). that in the performance of Giuseppe Todisko just as tasty as it is safe for health. And another good news - prices, "Italians" have declined significantly. That's what a scientific approach!


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