Saturday, August 7, 2010

Nair Vs Brazilian Wax

Kuroshitsuji ii and Merlin

Whoever did this video is a genius. xD

Ok, husk aside. I saw the sixth episode of the second season of Kuroshitsuji. I continue to support the history of Yaoi, and no, not because I am fan of the genre, but what the hell ... The tension between demonic and Sebastian is fantastic XD Claude Claude still do not like that much, I find it a bit 'bland, say. Does not bear comparison with Sebastian when he openly groped U_U But Sebastian on his chest, in the lake, well '... Even he resist the allure of the links? Grell will have an opponent? U_U Heaven is too busy thinking of killing Alois to realize this. And to be jealous of him for having forced Elizabeth to dance. Here, in this scene I would have gladly killed, but it was nice to see a jealous Heaven and animated by murderous instinct for many other reasons at the same time. That "you're shut up "when he addresses to Sebastian Alois begins to dance with Elizabeth made me giggle for half an hour.

Here. Alois.

Alois, as it continues to support, um, scary and crazy, she begins to tell me something. I have yet to understand why it should take possession of Heaven and has stolen the soul before Sebastian ate it up. And speaking of this: the scene where Sebastian falls to his knees on the floor and smiles, blowing up the place, I loved her.
Returning to the main topic ... For becoming aware of Heaven, surely, there must be a history between the two. Must have "met" somewhere Alois must have heard of him and be aware of the covenant with Sebastian. Now I understand that Heaven is the goal of middle England, including angels and demons, but what does he? Curiosity eats me * O *

One thing that has not liked me / I do not understand is the covenant between Sebastian and Claude. That is, let me understand: FALSE Ciel perpetrerà a vengeance? I do not like. Then, if you really and Alois Claude has something to do with his family, agrees. But this story of the false revenge I'm not going down. Although it will be used to produce so much Yaoi XD

conclude with the final episode:

Alois (to Heaven): I'll definitely make you mine.
Ciel (to Alois): I'll definitely kill you.

And all this while they are dancing. Heaven in a middle-aged woman with a troubled Alois and Elizabeth. Back to back, for Heaven furious expression, expression of wild-arrogant-obsession Alois.

love. No, seriously.

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