Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wrestling Cancer Singlets

Are you God?

Double post today, yes, but ... I saw the last episode of the fifth season of Supernatural. I do not want to talk, meaning that they are still upset. But this is fantastic!
not open the cut if you wish to avoid spoilers. Warned.

Dean, after being beaten up by Lucifer / Sam, looks like a rare steak crushed by a horse who protest against the carnivores. Castiel is a firework exploded in bloody - and this gives you an idea of what is splatter - and, after being resurrected by God (and after Lucifer / Michael and Sam / Adam person jumped into the hole). .. Dean brings back the usual face of an angel. At this point:

Dean: Cass, are you God?
Castiel: That's a nice compliment. But no.

(Eric has to send clues Destiel, mica is the first known UU)

* dances *
of fact I think I will speak later. But it was epic - except something that I have not gone down, but is waiting for the sixth season, which promises more Winchest than you might think. Oh yeah.


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