Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Impotence Masterbation

Hetampson xD

yesterday I watched the Simpsons, which I never did in 20 years of life except for a few years ago when he and I did after Dragon Ball I was there to think about what he should have done Toriyama for having created a character so much as stuprabile Mirai no Trunks - no, because the Trunks of this is bad, let's face it.

BTW, I watched the Simpson and Burns and Smithers were happily shopping. Now, maybe it will for you Simpsomani normal, but to me caused such a short circuit in the brain that then, of course, began to process everything and kicked something obviously absurd. This last scene? Burns is one in which pucciosamente asleep in her arms in Smithers? Here, at which point I saw myself Antonio (Spain) in the arms of the Roman Empire (Southern Italy). Maybe because I'm writing a small longfiction with their protagonists, that has nothing to do with shopping, but that image made me laugh for three hours. A party in the arms of Roman Spain is the apotheosis of the absurd, but tell this to the producer, who apparently forgot to put a filter-anti-bullshit between eye and brain. It would have been more normal if I saw the opposite, ie in the arms of Roman Spain. But no, because just a few minutes before I had finished thinking, writing fanfiction, that Spain is a megalomaniac exalted (and perverted) with problems of mind, because he thinks on his land the sun never sets (ok, it's a metaphor, but I really believe it). Oh, right, and Burns in that episode (which I always do it), megalomaniac as he tries to take control of the press, challenging Lisa. And here is all a stupid XD

What then, I can vaguely understand that my brain has connected Burns in Spain. Smithers But what the hell to do with Roman?

Well, this thought will haunt me today. I have to find the similarities.

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