Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rejection By A Scorpio Guy

Change of cooks in the magazine TIME OUT

Time Out Moscow № 17 / 30 April - 9 May 2010

most Italian Osteria in Moscow is now called not "Do Giovanni" and "Do Giuseppe. Just do not panic! Almost everything was in place - a tiny room with a painted chalk black wall, open kitchen and a sweet shop window is not touched, people are still full, and families with children a lot, and the menu tselehonko and delivery work, and take-away coffee to sell.

But the chef changed - now runs the kitchen Giuseppe Todisko. He plans to comply formed in the osteria traditions and customs, that is, by all means to maintain seasonal variability of the local menu. Moreover, special attention when introducing new foods he's going to be given to regional specialties of his native Puglia, in fact - to prepare for your grandmother's recipes. Even today, you can try a wonderful lentil soup with onions, carrots and squid right degree elasticity - to complete the sensation can be freshly ground pepper to flavor it (200 p.)., and thick homemade spaghetti, painted with cuttlefish ink, with shrimp and light, almost transparent vegetable sauce with zucchini and tomatoes, spicy basil and thyme from the (380 p .)....

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