Thursday, February 17, 2011

Milena Velbabeautiful

And finally ...

For a start you should start dying, and the trauma is so great that passed. Then you wake up in a hospital bed and appreciate the fact that you go improving day by day. Then you resign because you are good and the first thing you do is go pick up your mail to the board and you enjoy the most. Over time increase your strength, your physical improve, the wrinkles disappear. Then start working on the first day and they give you a gold watch. Work forty years until you're so young to properly take advantage of the withdrawal from the labor force. Then go to the party in party, drink, games, do you have sex and get ready to get up to. Then he starts school, play with friends, without any obligations and responsibilities, as long as you are not baby. When you're small enough, you stick in a place that by now you know very well. The last nine months will walk you float serene and peaceful, in a heated room service and much love, no one I'll break my balls. And eventually leave this world in an orgasm.

[Woody Allen]


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