Thursday, February 24, 2011

Matter For Shaadi Card In Hindi


C 28.fevralya March 6- MASLYANA:

Pancakes with red caviar 360 rubles
pancakes with caviar 950 rubles
pancakes with sour cream 150 rubles
Pancakes with mozzarella and tomato confit 220 rub
Pancakes with salmon 220 rubles
Pancakes with Prawns and Curry 360 rub
Pancakes with homemade pate 220 rubles
Pancakes with meat and fried guinea fowl with mushrooms 380 rub
Pancakes with jam 150 rubles
orange / cherry / strawberry / raspberry / fig
Pancakes with honey 150 rubles
floral / lemon
Pancakes with chocolate sauce 150 rub
Pancakes with ice cream 150 rubles
vanilla / chocolate / strawberry / walnut pancakes
"Suzet" 350 rubles

Vegetarian Menu (7 March)
Caponata of eggplant 360 rub
vegetable salad with fried tofu 280 rubles
Rizitto with asparagus and spinach 220 rubles
Linguine with Kenyan beans and pesto 220 rubles
Spaghetti with mushrooms Porcini 250 rubles
soup pumpkin 180 rubles
lentil soup with vegetables 180 rubles
Polpette of red lentils with a fruity sauce 220 rubles
fried tofu with roasted bell Pepper 360 rub
Citrus salad with lemon-honey 180 rubles


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