Monday, November 22, 2010

Process Audit Checklist

surprising there ... Interesting facts about the Italian restaurant next

Did you know that:

1. at the restaurant "" Italian " can smoke or not smoke . Of your choice. ( in contrast to a non-smoker osteria )

2. at the restaurant "" The Italian » 3 toilets! No expectations ...

3. at the restaurant "Italian" average bill is 900 rubles ? As in the osteria "We Giuseppe!

4. at the restaurant "The Italian chef Giuseppe Todisko personally delivers some dishes? Not want to meet?

5. Waiters Restaurant Italian »- come from osteria « Y Giuseppe ", because they were glad to see you twice!

6. the restaurant "Italian" a parking ? Do not look for a place ...

7. at the restaurant "The Italian" on weekends from 12 to 18 working children's room with animators?

8. at the restaurant "The Italian" is aquarium with live lobsters . True, you can not feed them ...

9. Now the restaurant "The Italian" a glass of wine costs just 300 rubles . Become a connoisseur of wine!

10. Now in the evenings and on weekends the restaurant Italian » treats glass of Prosecco and a glass of Limoncello. Trifle, but nice!

11. Restaurant "Italian" is located directly behind wall osteria "Do Giuseppe? It's very, very close ...

12. at the restaurant "The Italian" is a more-oh-oh wardrobe .

13. at the restaurant "Italian" you can easily Order all your favorite dishes osteria ?

14. at the restaurant "Italian" to your foreign friends have menu in English and Italian ?


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