Monday, November 1, 2010

Money Cheat Leaf Green

Giuseppe Todisco

Joseph Todisco was born in Bisceglie (Bari) and
graduating from hotel school at the institute
A Perotti in Bari After graduating from high school science
Leonardo Da Vinci, Bisceglie and then the Faculty of Agriculture at the
'University of Bari, Giuseppe decided to make the cook
. . . . .
With a solid foundation from the beginning
held prestigious positions as executive chef at the
Majestic Hotel Rome, Grand Hotel Villa Igea in Palermo and other restaurants in Monaco and

Ljubljana. . . . .
For many years, Mr. Todisco is looking for the right
techniques and combinations that make cooking a pleasure
tasty food for a healthy life
These are the fundamentals behind this new menu which will present
Bon appetit!


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