Sunday, January 8, 2006

Torturing Of Women Scenes

Only one button ...

Some things are not done. And but believe me, look what he did Diego Heller in an article published today by the Clarin Charlize Theron, beautiful suffering. Particularly bothers me when journalists get a star, because it shows the presence of the narrator in this article.

I understand that newspapers and magazines want to 'humanize' your notes, include those narrators do not agree, but I understand. But this goes beyond Heller. Not content with becoming the first person narrator, shows its clear intention to bring the story to a certain topic and from there builds the story, criticizing colleagues and attach your thoughts until you can get to that point, which succeeds-well, almost ... in a rather wide, too, asking what he wanted.

But the answer is not expected. Then fuse a report on children of the respondents to justify the center, the morbidity of the note that seems almost police. Heller's friend, will not be wrong section? Why


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